50 Tons China Woodworking Hydraulic Cold Press Machine(MH3248*50T) (With Rollers)


  1. This machine fix with automatic feeding system, can auto loading before pressing and unloading after work.
  2. 50 Tons Cold Press Machine is most frequently used industrial cold laminator machine, it is easy operation, stable performance, reliable pressing quality. This model fix with rollers, easy to move the work piece into worktable.
  3. Professional Cold Press Machine Manufacture from China.
  4. The pressure can be customized from 50 Tons to 500 Tons for various usage.
  5. Simple hydraulic circuit design, lower consumption and easy maintenance.
  6. our 50 Tons cold press machine’s steel plate are based on the pressure’s requires for wood or plywood to achieve the commitment pressure, quality assured.
  7. It’s ideal equipment for pressing wood, plywood etc. in woodworking industry with economic expense. Cold press price is much cheaper than hot press machine.