High frequency plane vertical plate splicing machine (crawler type)

High efficiency; It only takes 1~3 minutes to assemble a board, and the glue can be solidified. the efficiency is greatly improved compared with the conventional board splicing machine in winter;save glue; single component panel glue, urine glue, phenolic glue and other glues that are easy to work with the glue applicator can be used, while the cold splicing machine can only use two-component panel glue, which is a big waste.energy saving; the deformation is small, the glue seam is hot, and the wood calorific value is low. it only takes 15-30 degrees of electricity to assemble a cubic plate;stable quality; it can be found that the material with ultra-high moisture content in the spliced plate has stable performance after splicing;convenient loading and unloading; Low labor intensity;it can be spliced with soft and hard solid wood, particle board, MDF and other materials