Choosing the Right Conveying Equipment for Woodworking Machinery

How to choose the right conveying equipment

You need to determine the length, width and height of your product. These dimensions will determine conveyor specifications such as conveyor width, roller center, guide rail specifications, transfer requirements.

Belt conveyors:

Belt conveyor is a kind of equipment used for material transportation. It is a conveyor belt made of rubber, polyester fiber, nylon and other materials. It is covered with a layer of anti-tear and wear-resistant rubber or plastic and has high strength. , wear-resistant, waterproof, oil-resistant, anti-static and other characteristics.

When transporting wooden boards, it can protect the surface of the wooden boards. Generally speaking, the material of the tape should be soft, which is more suitable for wood boards with easily scratched surfaces. However, for heavy wooden boards, the load-bearing capacity of the tape roller is poor.

Belt return line

Roller conveyor:

You can choose according to the hardness of the board. For boards with a smooth surface and higher hardness, you can choose a rubber roller with a higher hardness; conversely, for boards with a rough surface or a lower hardness, you can choose a rubber roller with a lower hardness. In addition, when selecting a rubber roller, you also need to consider the weight of the board in order to select a roller with corresponding load-bearing capacity.


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